1485 SE Hawthorne Blvd
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Open Mon-Sun: 11am-9pm
July 4th: 11am-3pm

Closed Christmas Day

Open Christmas eve for to-go orders and through Caviar, Postmates, & Grubhub. No in house dining. Please and mahalo!



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Food Menu

Located in the Hawthorne district of Southeast Portland, Poke Mon is a casual restaurant serving classic Hawaiian poke.

We are committed to using fresh and responsibly-sourced ingredients. Our signature poke bowls feature sashimi-grade Bigeye Ahi from Hawaii and sustainable, locally-caught fish whenever possible. Every bowl is made to order, with seasonal produce, Japanese koshihikari rice, and ingredients from local businesses like Choi’s Kimchi and Ota Tofu.

Signature Bowls

All bowls come with scallion, sesame seeds and Hawaiian salt

Choose Base:  White Rice, Brown Rice or Mixed Greens

Hawaiian Ahi Poke *     $13.00
Fresh Ahi, Sweet Onion, Inamona, Ogo, Original Sauce

Garlic Salmon Poke     $12.50
Fresh Salmon, Red Onion, Cucumber, Avocado, Cilantro, Grapefruit, Garlic Ponzu

Spicy Yuzu Albacore Poke     $12.25
Fresh Albacore, Red Onion, Cucumber, Jalapeno, Avocado, Radish, Spicy Yuzu Sauce

Kimchi Tako Poke     $13.00
Poached Octopus, Choi’s Kimchi, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Original Sauce

Tofu and Kale Poke *     $10.25
Local Ota Tofu, Shiitake Mushrooms, Organic Kale, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Choice of Sauce

Spicy Ahi Donburi *     $11.00
Minced Fresh Ahi, Sweet Onion, Cucumber, Bubu Arare, Sweet Shoyu, Nori, Creamy Spicy Sauce
(Limited daily orders of Minced Ahi) 
- Upgrade to Cubed Ahi    $13.00
- Upgrade to Cubed Albacore    $12.00

Build Your Own Bowl

Choose Base:

White Rice, Brown Rice or Mixed Greens or 1/2 rice 1/2 greens + $0.50

Choose Protein:

Hawaiian Bigeye Ahi or Tako  $12.00

Salmon or Albacore $11.00

Tofu $9.25

Choose Toppings: (No more than 4 please)

Cucumber, Red Onion, Sweet Onion, Kale, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Red Radish, Ogo, Grapefruit, Nori, Bubu Arare, Fried Garlic

Choose Sauce:

Original * - Hawaiian style sauce with shoyu, ginger, sesame oil and chili

Garlic Ponzu - Citrus shoyu infused with roasted garlic

Spicy Yuzu - Jalapeno infused shoyu with yuzu and extra virgin olive oil

Creamy Spicy * - Red chilli aioli with sweet shoyu


Substitutions may incur a charge
* Gluten Free options available upon request

$1.25 Extra:

Avocado, Roasted Shiitake, Choi's Kimchi, Inamona (toasted kukui nut)

Snacks and Sides:

House Mac Salad $3         
Spicy Cucumber Salad $3       
Green Salad w/House Vinaigrette $3
White or Brown Rice $2            
Seaweed Salad $3      
Miso Soup $3
Choi's Kimchi $3
Extra Sauce $1.00
Extra Topping $0.50
Extra Protein - Price Varies


Booze & Bottles

We are a bottle shop! Any of our sake and beer bottles are available to take home for your enjoyment. Our sake is hand selected to demonstrate a wide variety of of quality and style. Check put our rotating selection of local and imported beers. Please tell us your preferences or ask us about pairings.

Sake for One

Hakutsuru Draft 180ml
dry . bright . easy
Hakushika Namachozo 180ml
fresh . light . mild
Hakushika Tanuki 200ml
dry . crisp . clean
Joto "Graffiti" Honjozo 200ml
juicy . green grape . melon
Ikezo Sparkling Peach Jelly 180ml
sparkling jello shot . sweet . fruity
Yuri Masamune Honjozo 200ml
mellow . rustic . honeydew
Haskusturu Sayuri Nigori 300ml
milky . sweet rice . fruity
Chiyomusubi Kitaro Jungin 180ml
full-bodied . cantaloupe . boozy
Chiyomusubi Nezumi Jungin 180ml
mildly sweet . balanced . strawberry leaf
Chiyomusubi Oyaji Jungin 180ml
silky . rich . interesting . melon
Shimizu No Mai Daiginjo 300ml
lush . delicate . apple

Sake to Share

Hakutsuru Junmai 720ml
full-bodied . dry . earthy
Yoshi Gensen Karakuchi 720ml
extra-dry . crisp . subtle citrus
Yuri Masamune Honjozo 720ml
mellow . rustic . honeydew

Local Canned Wine

Dear Mom Wine Co. Red 187ml
Grants Pass, OR  13.2% ABV
Dear Mom Wine Co. Rose 187ml
Grants Pass, OR  13.0% ABV
Dear Mom Wine Co. White 187ml
Grants Pass, OR  12.9% ABV

Imported Beers:

Heinekin Dutch Lager 12oz
Netherlands        5.0% ABV
Steigl Grapefruit Radler 16.9oz
Austria                  3.1% ABV
Asahi Extra Dry Japanese Lager 12oz
Japan                    5.0% ABV
Sapporo Japanese Lager 20.3oz
Japan                    5.0% ABV

Local Beers & Ciders:

Silvermoon Casual Ale 12oz
Bend, OR             4.7% ABV
Silvermoon Pale Ale 12oz
Bend, OR             5.6% ABV
Silvermoon India Pale Ale 12oz
Bend, OR             7.0% ABV
Silvermoon Mango Daze Pale Pale 12oz
Bend, OR             6.0% ABV
Pfriem Pilsner 16.9oz
Hood River, OR  4.9% ABV
Pfriem India Pale Ale 16.9oz
Hood River, OR  7.2% ABV
Rev Nat's Rotating Hard Ciders 12oz


January Poke Bowl

For the month of January our special is the “Thai Shrimp Poke Bowl.” Poached wild shrimp, Thai style Peanut sauce, negi, cucumber, avocado, Choi’s daikon carrot slaw, shiitake mushroom, radish, and toasted sesame.

January shrimp poke 20.jpg

Fried Chicken Fridays


Only on Fridays can you enjoy our Hawaiian-style Garlic Fried Chicken. These crispy little bites of delight are made to-order, so please allow some extra time. Grab a plate lunch or just and appetizer before its all gone! 

Plate Lunch: Garlic Chicken | White Rice | Mac or Green Salad | Choi's Kimchi $10.75Appetizer: Garlic Chicken | Choi's Kimchi $8.00 




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